High Tech

High Tech includes a broad range of industry partners who are stakeholders in the advancement of research in robotics, sensor systems, and data collection and analysis. Our high tech members and prospective members include providers of robot hardware and/or software, sensor systems technology, and applied data analytics. The UNC Charlotte SSR-RC assists providers in the high tech sector to conduct multi-disciplinary research on computation-driven robotic and sensor systems to improve the safety, capability and well-being of humans.

The ability for robots to safely interact with humans in working and living environments is the next frontier of innovation in robotics and sensing systems.

For example, robots designed to help assisted living dwellers by eliminating the danger or risk that accompany simple, everyday tasks. Industry tasks that require precision accuracy in hazardous environments look to robotics and sensor systems research to enhance performance and eliminate the human risk element related to the task.

Enlist the talents and experience of researchers to leverage your R&D budget. Expand your network to access a multi-university and industry consortium that conducts research and assists to commercialize Intellectual Property to advance your robotics and sensor systems solutions.