Manufacturing and Material Handing

Assembly and Material Handling
Manufacturing partners are drawn to join SSR-RC as members to leverage and expand their investment in robots for automating assembly and material handling processes. The UNC Charlotte SSR-RC assists manufacturing site members to conduct multi-disciplinary research on computation-driven robotic and sensor systems to improve the safety, capability and well-being of their assembly and material handling employees.

Using robotic devices for assembly and material handling not only reduce direct labor costs, but they serve to keep humans safe from tasks that are hazardous, physically demanding and fatiguing or just simply, tedious, strenuous to human workers.
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Human Assistance

Due to the increasing demand to perform risk-filled tasks in Homeland Security, nuclear waste handling, and search and rescue missions that put humans in harm’s way, the use of robots is increasing and necessary.

Operations in environments unfit for human workers

For example, robotic assistance to human workers in search and rescue missions, mobile sensors to detect radiation, robot manipulators tele-operated/guided by human workers to clean nuclear waste, material handling, robotic assistance in building construction/inspection.

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